General business items of Shandong Enshuo Anticorrosion Engineering Co., Ltd.: engineering design, technology development, engineering construction and technical services in the field of cathodic protection intelligent control and water treatment; operating cathodic protection supporting products (petrochemical instruments, anti-corrosion anodes, anti-corrosion coatings, anti-corrosion inspection and explosion-proof products) processing, sales, installation and commissioning and technical services; operating the production, assembly and transformation of related products, intelligent electrical and control equipment; operating the export business of the company's self-produced products and technologies and the mechanical equipment, Import business of spare parts, raw and auxiliary materials and technologies. (Projects subject to approval in accordance with the law can only carry out business activities after being approved by the relevant departments.

Operating product content:

1. Anti-corrosion anodes for cathodic protection: magnesium anodes, aluminum anodes, zinc anodes, MMO anodes, high silicon cast iron anodes, titanium anodes and supporting connecting cables; aluminothermic fluxes, welding molds, welding machines for installation

2. Anti-corrosion coating: epoxy anti-corrosion paint, inorganic anti-corrosion coating

3. Testing instruments: potentiostat, intelligent test pile, explosion-proof test pile, explosion-proof distribution box, ammeter, voltmeter, rectifier, reference electrode, potential collector, anti-corrosion detector, polarization probe, compensation sheet, insulation Flange etc.

4.Intelligent control: installation and construction automation equipment of yin protection; data collection, transmission, remote monitoring, software system development of yin protection

5. Design, construction and engineering services for cathodic protection of pipelines, storage tanks, oil wells, water tanks, etc.

6. Processing and sales of magnesium and aluminum alloy light metals

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