Power plant and condenser cathodic protection

2022-01-18 09:52

Cathodic Protection of Condenser >>>

Condenser, also known as condenser, is used to condense the exhaust steam of the steam turbine into water, and is the most important auxiliary equipment of the steam turbine generator. The water chamber of the condenser is generally made of cast iron or carbon steel, and the tube sheet is made of brass or other copper alloys.

Scope of cathodic protection: water inner wall, tube sheet, tube end.

Impressed current or sacrificial anode cathodic protection system can be used for the cathodic protection of the inner wall of the condenser in the power plant. Impressed current cathodic protection system should be adopted for the condenser that requires long protection period and high water quality conductivity. At present, most power plants use impressed current. , Sacrificial anode cathodic protection system can be used for those with good anti-corrosion layer, short protection period and low water conductivity.


The advantages of using impressed current cathodic protection are as follows:

1. Impressed current cathodic protection can provide a continuously adjustable protective current, so that the various materials in the water chamber can reach the protective potential as a whole, providing sufficient protection and eliminating galvanic corrosion.

2. The main protection objects of the inner wall of the condenser are the tube sheet, tube section, water chamber, and also connected to the inlet and outlet water pipes of other materials, etc. The potential difference caused by different materials and the galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metals, the driving force that the sacrificial anode can provide The voltage is very low, only the sacrificial anode is difficult to eliminate dissimilar metal galvanic corrosion, and it is difficult to control the protection current.

3. The cathodic protection power supply can monitor the effect of cathodic protection in real time, which is extremely critical to ensure the life of the condenser.

4. In the later maintenance, the sacrificial anode method needs to be replaced regularly, which increases the maintenance and construction cost. The one-time investment of the applied current is larger, but the cost performance is higher in the long run.

To sum up, for the cathodic protection of the condenser, the impressed current cathodic system is better than the sacrificial anode system.

Cathodic protection of power plant pipelines and other facilities >>>

Cathodic protection is also widely used in: power plant protection of cooling water diversion pipeline system, circulating water pipe, circulating water pump, various buried pipelines and related equipment, water inlet fence of water intake pump house, etc. ------------

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